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Structure09 Wraps and a New Week Begins

If anything, the conversation at Structure last week wasn’t so much about what cloud computing is but, as Derrick Harris notes in his weekly update, more about its use cases and how to improve it. Celeste LeCompte also noticed how many are seeing the resulting cloud infrastructure and its resulting efficiencies make their mark on the world of green and IT.

So, as we take the lessons learned from Structure and look forward to next year’s conversation, the technology market’s unrelenting march forward is evident in other sectors. In the mobile space, rumors of the PSP phone gained new momentum this weekend, while over in the world of NewTeeVee and GigaOM repercussions of the move by Comcast and Time Warner to create an authenticated web for online video continue to be examined.

Here at GigaOM Pro, we have more research on its way to help you put it all into context. TechAlpha will have a research note about the increased use of flash solid-state drives in data centers and the resulting impact on Fibre Channel, while Phil Hendrix and IMMR’s research report on speech technologies in mobile is also on tap.

So, stay tuned for more great insight and market research as we head into the holiday weekend.