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Remember The Milk Becomes First To-Do App With Push Notifications


Slowly but surely, push notification apps are trickling into the App Store, as you can see from this handy little list by Some of them are less than impressive, since they offer strange niche functions that I could never picture myself actually using. Beejive IM came out last week, though, which has become by far my most-used app since, and now Remember The Milk (Free with RTM Pro account, iTunes link) is available, as of today, with push features.

A to-do app with push might just be the thing I need to get me to buckle down and actually use a to-do app with some kind of consistency. Sure, RTM for the iPhone requires that you have a Pro account with their service, which is a $25-a-year subscription, but I actually already have one from when the app was first released. Yes, I signed up many months ago and haven’t exactly taken great advantage of that subscription since, but version 1.1.0 gives me reason to believe I may actually begin to get my money’s worth.


The problem, for me, with to-do apps (whether they be desktop, web-based, or iPhone apps), is that for them to actually work, you kind of have to check them consistently. Sure, most allow you to send email alerts when a task’s due date is approaching, but my email comes in with such frequency that it’s very easy for a task reminder or two to slip through the cracks as I tackle more urgent messages. Now, RTM for iPhone will send me push notifications in the form of text alerts whenever a task’s due date is approaching, at a time determined by me that I set up via the web through my account settings. Audio alerts are oddly omitted from this version, but developers say that the addition is included in the next update.

Is it worth the $25 price of admission, when there are probably one-time purchase apps with similar features on the way as we speak? That depends on your to-do tasking practices. If, like me, you like the added convenience of having your list accessible from any Internet-connected platform (and offline, too, via Google (s goog) Gears), then RTM, with its attendant free iPhone app, might be what you’re looking for. You could also hold out for Appigo ToDo’s push features, which are included in an update that’s already been submitted to Apple (s aapl). Either way, if you’re looking for some way to get things done more efficiently, this implementation of Apple’s push could be the most practical yet.

20 Responses to “Remember The Milk Becomes First To-Do App With Push Notifications”

    • thanks. still a little wonky, but at least i’m getting alerts. still not sure about this, tho. i’m thinking i may just pony up for the full version of “todo”

  1. RTM is a great product and has a number of very useful features not found in Outlook or iCal. You can use Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, iPhone/iPodTouch, Blackberry and others with Remember The Milk. The tagging and smart list features are particularly helpful. You can also share lists wtih RTM.

    Give RTM a try, you can even use the iPhone/iPodTouch app for 15 days free while you try it out. (The $25 is only for the pro features.)

  2. For ‘tasks’, I would suggest using the Calendar app to alert you, because Apple has said that Push is a ‘probably will get through’ system, not a ‘will get through’ system.

    If you sync the calendar to your phone, you can set how far in advance the phone will alert you to the task…

  3. RTM is an awesome to-do solution, thanks to the iPhone app.
    I almost never use the main website, because it’s way easier to manage tasks on the iPhone.
    RTM also offers a widget for Gmail, so you can see your tasks in the sidebar as well.