Qik: Now Playing on an Android Phone Near You


qik-androidLive video streaming is all the rage these days, but I can’t take part of it with either of my handsets. That’s probably a good thing for you, though: The only exciting scene yesterday was our cat apparently dealing with a hangover. If you have an Android (s GOOG) handset and some more interesting subject matter, you can grab an early alpha of Qik from the Android Marketplace. You’ll need Android 1.5 on your phone and a microSD card for the installation.

This version already supports live chat and video sharing through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, but bear in mind that it is an alpha. There’s bound to be some hiccups, so don’t rely on it for live streaming a super-important occasion.

(via Zatz Not Funny!)



I love Qik on WM. In fact, I just took a few videos of my boy taking his first steps. Uploded to Facebook and emailed the link to the fam in a few minutes. video and sound qaulity is fantastic,


thats a smart Cat. Maybe you can have your cat help you run the cable to your office or did you already do that. :)

Kevin C. Tofel

Hector, I KNEW I could count on you for some colorful commentary. ;) I’m still futzing with the wiring. Turns out I had the room pre-wired when I had the house built five years ago. I simply forgot. When I moved some furniture, I saw the plate on the wall and found a coax wire that leads to the basement. As soon as I get some free time, I’ll a cable jack to connect it to. Unless the cat wants to run some errands, that is. :)

Kevin C. Tofel

Just to let you all know, our cat has worked off her apparent hangover. As soon as she woke up this morning, she ran to her computer to see if anyone commented on her picture. I’ve never seen a cat with a disappointed face until today. So sad… ;)

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