Pardon Me, But Did Your Shoes Just Tweet?


I took my Nike+ sensor out for another run this morning and I clearly need to calibrate it. While I’d like to think that I ran 4.04 miles at a 7:20 pace, that sounds a bit fast for an easy run. A quick Google Map of the route tells me that it was more like 3.75 miles. Regardless of that minor technological mishap, which I’ll fix shortly, I did find a method to connect my run with the web. Josh Pugh offers a beta service that tweets your Nike+ data right to Twitter. The service doesn’t require you to enter passwords for your Twitter or Nike+ accounts; you simply have to authorize both services. Josh offers a similar method to post your running data to Facebook as well.


While some would say this information is “noise,” there’s a social aspect to training where this comes in handy. I know that I always ran better when training with a group. My best marathon race time was the direct result of working out with a running club. Unfortunately, my schedule doesn’t mesh with the club’s schedule these days, so I’m on my own. I get motivation from hearing about other people’s workouts and in turn, I’m hoping that my data motivates others.

By the way, I have access to another iPhone app that I’m planning to test for tracking my workouts. Instead of using a $19 Nike+ sensor, it relies solely on the included GPS radio of an iPhone 3G or 3GS. More to follow when I recover from my morning run today.


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