Move Over Dell, Acer is Knocking at the Door

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HP (s HPQ) and Dell (s DELL) have enjoyed the No. 1 and No. 2 spot in computer sales globally for a while. Dell’s recent concentration on the consumer market is an acknowledgment that consumers now buy more computers than businesses, a phenomenon that is worldwide. Dell may soon be losing its No. 2 spot to Taiwanese company Acer, which is likely going to surpass Dell this year in sales. In 2008, Acer’s market share jumped 3 percentage points, to 10.9%. Dell barely showed growth last year: up only 0.1 percentage point, to 15%, and the trend for both has continued into 2009. Acer has narrowed the market share gap to an even 2% in the first quarter.

Acer has done a good job appealing to the consumer market with lots of low-cost notebooks to address that market. It was early to the netbook game, and its Acer Aspire One netbook has been a consistent high seller. The company made some solid business moves with the recent acquisitions of Gateway, Packard Bell and eMachines. All of these brands address different markets, and Acer has leveraged them all to produce good sales numbers. The system Acer uses to fulfill customer orders ensures its prices are as low as can be:

“We collect the order from the customer, place the order with the manufacturer and they ship it,” Mr. Lanci says. “We don’t touch the goods.”

(via New York Times)

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how does Asus rank globally? do they stand any chance of knocking Dell to #4?

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