Cablevision Network DVR Gets Supreme Court Blessing

[qi:032] Cablevision (s CVC) today got further blessings from the Supreme Court, which decided not to hear an appeal in the networked DVR-related litigation. We have been following this story pretty closely, and frankly, it is good to see an end to litigation around this technology. Many studios and TV networks such as Paramount, Disney, CBS and NBC are opposed to network DVRs. A network DVR is a way for consumers to record, save and recall their favorite television programs and movies on the remote servers of the cable company. It eliminates the need for owning a local DVR-type device like the ones made by TiVo (s TIVO). Cablevision will launch the service later this summer, including features that would allow you to pause live television when a Cablevision-provided phone rings in your house.