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Apple Posts iPhone 3GS Availability Page

Apple (s aapl) is once again making an inventory tool available for prospective iPhone 3GS buyers. U.S. residents can check Apple Store stock by state, with availability updated hourly.

Unlike last year, when the iPhone 3G was in chronic short supply for weeks, by the end of business on Sunday most stores had at least some models of the iPhone 3GS. However, all stores in Alabama, Delaware, Kentucky and Utah were out of stock. Only Hawaii and South Carolina had all models in stock. As to which models were sold out most often, the list for California appears indicative of a nationwide trend.

iPhone 3GS inventory for California on Sunday evening
iPhone 3GS inventory for California on Sunday evening

Whether due to popularity or minimal production, the 16GB white iPhone 3GS appears to be out of stock most often, while the 16GB black model is most readily available. The 8GB iPhone 3G is available in all stores. Inventory checks are also available abroad, at least in the UK, although inventories are not updated until after closing.

Like the first weekend of sales, in which one million iPhones were sold, it appears sales of the iPhone 3GS are continuing to exceed expectations.

5 Responses to “Apple Posts iPhone 3GS Availability Page”

  1. spoonbender

    This is crap. Once again apple is creating a false shortage to increase its sales. The ‘Oh no, I`ll never get one’ mentality. The first poster is correct. Always call the store, regardless of what some webpage says.

  2. mindctrl

    After driving an hour one way, I learned the hard way that the web page is inaccurate and apparently is NOT “updated hourly” as Apple claims on their site. I checked the page yesterday before I left home and 3 times on my way there. In fact, I checked it a couple minutes before walking in the store and it said they had it available. They did not. In fact, 3 hours later the page still said they had it in stock. 6 hours later it still said they had it. I called the store again after I left to see what was up and they were still out. So the web page is not a reliable indicator. In fact, I found it to be worse than useless. CALL BEFORE GOING!