Adobe Flash Browser Plug-in for Android Announced


FlashLogo_4Bsquare is a software developer for the embedded device community, and it has announced the release of an Adobe Flash (s ADBE) browser plug-in for the Android (s GOOG) platform running on ARM-based devices. The Flash plug-in requires Android 1.5 (Cupcake) or higher.

“The next version of Google’s Android operating system, ‘Cupcake,’ should be attractive to a wider segment of developers,” said Larry Stapleton, Bsquare’s vice president of global sales. “Our Flash Platform technology browser plug-in will be valuable to OEMs building ARM-based smartbooks and to those who are developing other types of Android devices requiring a rich media experience that is fundamentally different than anything else available for users today.”

We have recently seen an upcoming Android phone, the HTC Hero, running Flash in a browser, but there is no confirmation this is the same implementation announced today. One has to wonder why Android is the platform that gets Flash working first — perhaps because it is open source.


big mike

From what I can tell..for some reason adobe has blocked all ability to put flash lite on the moto droid…they are making us wait for the full flash 10.1 release..which I’m sure is some sort of marketing ploy for their other platforms…an all or none approach to high end smartphones…so until this mysterious “first part of 2010″…we wait…while the weaker android phones..have flash

roni reid

so with all of that being said has anyone found a flash player for the sprint htc hero? I have been on several forums and I have yet to find a solid answer. I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am led to believe this is a farce. I purchased a Moto Droid mainly for the reason of video streaming television from Hulu and the Networks. I asked several Verizon reps if this would work. They all assured me that it would. I also checked these sites online that showed there is a Flash player for the Droid. Don’t buy it folks. Now I am stuck with a two year contract, and it appears that there is not going to be a flash player developed that will work with the current Moto Droid. I am able to view a select few u-tube videos, but to me, it’s not enough, and not what I thought I paid for. Someone please reply with specific instructions if you can prove me wrong. I really hope you can!


Hope To Bring Smiles

im not sure if you receive my email or not but…go to market and download skyfire browser.

its the very first android browser that converts flash encoded files (videos ect) into HTML. Yes you can stream videos at Hulu etc. though you cant play flash coded games yet. rumours has it that android froyo 2.2 will be able to have flash player 10.1 plugin to its browser…BUT i dont think its as early as 2.2. I bet its final will be somewhere at 3.0 so keep waiting and be patient. Atleast the android creators are doing their best to working out flash plugins rather than apple iphone’s team. Happy Waiting~!!


“Android is the platform that gets Flash working first…”

Hasn’t flash been on Maemo for awhile now?


Is it really just Flash lite? A few other stories have claimed it is a full Flash Player 10.

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