Research: Online Took A Fifth Of UK Ad Spend In ’08

There aren’t many advertising surveys for 2008 left to report — and given the sad tale they tell about the UK advertising market, most of us will glad to see that back of them. The latest is from the Advertising Association Statistics Yearbook 2009, via the World Advertising Research Centre, which shows that overall ad spend fell by four percent to £18.63 billion, though online grew its spend by 19.1 percent to £3.6 billion. Internet advertising’s total share of the total spending pie was 19.3 percent last year.

Print still has a dominant 36.6 percent share of the market, with £6.81 billion in ad spend last year – but that’s an 11.8 percent drop on 2007. The survey also points out that the printed press is the second most expensive medium to advertise in, costing a total £300,000 a year in production costs — dwarfed only by TV which received £4.46 billion in ad spend but generated £645 million in costs. Online’s production costs for 2008 were £255 million. Release (pdf).

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