Is There a Future for Original Web Series?

When EQAL told us earlier this month that it was getting out of the original webisodic entertainment game to focus on creating digital experiences for established brands, we took note. These were, after all, the guys behind Lonelygirl15, arguably the most successful original web series ever. If they didn’t see much of a future in original web content, who does?

EQAL’s move followed ABC shuttering its new media studio, Stage 9, and 60Frames closing down, both of which were built around the idea of creating original episodic content for the web.

Even the companies that are still making original web series increasingly seem to have some kind of old media hook attached to their productions. Crackle brought onboard Ed Brubaker and Zoe Bell for Angel of Death, and told us that it’s looking to spend more on talent both behind and in front of the camera on its productions. Electric Farm Entertainment, which previously worked with Rosario Dawson on Gemini Division, is partnering with MTV for the upcoming vampire series Valemont, and cast Jon Heder as the lead in its zombie comedy Woke Up Dead.

With so many creators looking to old media for its new media inspiration, what does the future hold for straight-up original web series?

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