paidContent’s Quick Hits For Saturday

»  With a market valuation of $419 million and $370 million in cash, is incremental innovation for the sake of it, and fighting big media the best way to go for RealNetworks? [NY Times]

»  Skype IPO, or sale, could be delayed due to the founders’ lawsuit. That may also mean it gets sold instead. [Bloomberg]

»  Boston Globe’s Reader makes a quiet debut, and it is free (to print subscribers), unlike the parent NYT’s Reader. [Media Nation]

»  Hulu not playable on PS3 either? The Boxee treatment. [Engadget]

»  *Sirius* vs Clear Channel: Jon Zellner, the sat radio top programmer, moves to CC. [WSJ]

»  Glam building an ad network around Twitter apps. [TC]

»  TV Everywhere may raise some eyebrows on anti-trust, though NBC chief counsel dismisses it. [Gigaom]