Seesmic: No Business in “Video Conversations”

We haven’t written about Seesmic on NewTeeVee in a long time, and it sounds like this may well be the last time. The company is deemphasizing — though at this point not removing — its video conversation service in favor of supporting its social aggregation tool, Seesmic Desktop, and associated products. CenterNetworks had the news this morning after noticing that video was pushed way down to the bottom of Seesmic’s site in a redesign.

Seesmic CEO Loic Le Meur posted a video on his site (at least he still uses the service!) saying that the video community was not growing and he needed to direct his company towards something more promising. He asserted that competitors like 12seconds are not seeing growth, either. It can only be a matter of time before San Francisco-based Seesmic shuts down video entirely.

Seesmic’s video service enabled users to post public threaded asynchronous video comments on its own site and in the comments sections of participating sites. At times the company had experimented with producing original shows and hosting chat sessions with famous people, but those petered out. We can’t think of a video service offering an exact alternative with the same global and public emphases, but quick-upload video from phones and webcams is definitely growing on larger sites like YouTube and Facebook.

Seesmic had raised significant funding — $12 million — but has also made multiple rounds of layoffs.


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