Netvibes Moves Closer To Hyper-Personalization

Netvibes, a Paris-based web startup that lets users create personalized start pages, is rolling out a new feature called Talk to Me that recommends widgets to users based on their personal preferences, the latest example of the company’s goal of hyper-personalizing web content.

“People want to consume information the way they want, when they want and for the deliverer to be smart enough to know what they want before they even want it,” said Netvibes CEO Freddy Mini. Talk to Me is what the startup calls “widget recommendation and distribution engine;” it analyzes widgets users already have on their Netvibes start pages and then suggests 12 new widgets each week they may want to add, which is reminiscent of features on Amazon (s amzn) and Pandora. Mini said Talk to Me acts as a user’s personal assistant because the engine is smart enough to cut through the overflow of social content on the web and match a user’s preferences with relevant widgets. He believes providing users with Talk to Me is in alignment with the current evolution of Web 2.0, as more users are demanding content in real time.

Starting tomorrow, all Netvibes users can view their recommended widgets by clicking on the “Add Content” tab at the top of the Netvibes start page. Mini said the company is working on a “near real-time management system” that will update your Netvibes start page faster and should be available at the end of the summer.