Nuance’s Mobile Text-to-Speech Software Lands on Symbian S60


nuance-talksNuance (s NUAN) is now offering TALKS&ZOOMS v4 for Symbian S60 handsets. The software is geared for blind or visually impaired mobile phone owners. Using Nuance’s text-to-speech technology, TALKS&ZOOMS can read aloud contact info, CallerID data, text messages, help files, web pages and other information.

The speech engine also integrates with Wayfinder Access, a navigation application, as well as Quickword, which can read or add edits to email documents and their attachments. The software is available as a limited, free trial, but it appears that purchases go through specialized dealers. Since this is a unique solution, it’s not cheap. The one dealer I looked at sells the software for $295. Then again, it’s probably worth any price for an excellent mobile text-to-speech app on handsets.

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