Kukoo: Web-Based Email Tool for Singletaskers

kukoo_logoRecently, I posted about singletasking, a new trend that many are turning to after having burned out on multitasking. One key component of singletasking is setting aside blocks of time during which you check and deal with email, instead of having it interrupt your work flow continually throughout the day. Ignoring email is probably the most challenging aspect of singletasking for me, and I suspect the same is true for many web workers.

Kukoo is a web app that’s specifically geared at helping you maintain what many would argue are healthier email practices. I found that emails were far less pressing than I thought they were when I used it to limit myself to checking, replying and generally managing my accounts only twice during the day.

Kukoo works by setting you up with a custom email address based on your existing one. Emails sent to that address are governed by rules of your choosing, and senders are notified according to these rules about when to expect a reply. As a sender, you get more piece of mind because you don’t have to wonder whether or not you’re being ignored. On the receiving end, you’re free to let things pile up a little bit without worrying about whether clients are getting impatient, and the pressure of replying will be somewhat alleviated. And if you feel like giving senders more info regarding your inbox habits, you can even include information regarding when you last checked your email.


There’s always a catch. In Kukoo’s case, it’s that anyone sending you emails has to add “.kukoo.com” to your existing email address in order to receive your auto-reply notifications. That’s a problem, because people are creatures of habit and as such, won’t change their address books. They’ll also figure out that emailing directly to your address bypasses the auto-reply function. Finally, if you’re concerned about branding, having “yourdomain.kukoo.com” as your go-to address might, er, water down your image somewhat.

If you aren’t able to stomach the idea of leaving senders hanging while you scramble to get a million more urgent things done before you reply to them, Kukoo might be the answer for you. If you haven’t been able to give singletasking a proper go, this could be the app to get you started.