iPhone 3GS Puts YouTube Mobile Uploads Through the Roof



People seem to be fond of the iPhone 3GS’s new video recording capabilities. So much so that YouTube mobile uploads have grown by 400 percent since the device’s launch, according to some sources. I’m proud to say that I contributed to that dramatic rise with my own initial hands-on video using my phone. It was the first time I’ve uploaded anything to YouTube, and in fact, I signed up specifically for the purpose. And I doubt I was the only one.

That’s 400 percent in only six days, in case you were wondering. It’s by far the most significant single-product effect the company’s seen since its inception, though YouTube upload growth in general, as NewTeeVee reports, is trending upwards due to the growing ubiquity of video-capable smartphones and streamlined uploading processes.

Apple (s aapl) certainly had ease of use in mind when it designed the 3GS’s video-sharing features. Once you’ve entered your YouTube credentials, publishing content to your profile is only a couple of taps away.

This is great news for YouTube, but what about the average end user, i.e., us? A brief perusal of the video offerings available on YouTube retrieved by searching for the keyword “3GS” did indeed return many results, but the vast majority of these were “test shots” and “first video” type demos. This Disney fireworks show was fairly impressive, but very little led me to believe that the massive spike in volume was accompanied by any influx of creative or original content.

Is it fair to expect iPhone users to bring something to the table that their Curve and Pearl-toting counterparts haven’t in the realm of mobile video? I think so, for two reasons. First, we’re Apple people! How can we live up to our demographic expectations if we aren’t more creative than our BlackBerry and WinMo equivalents?

Second, we have editing capabilities, right there on the phone. We don’t even have to touch a computer to be able to put together at least a decent short clip. Admittedly, we can’t splice or add effects to video yet, but with developer access to the 3GS’s video recording functions available, it won’t be long before we get a more fully-featured editing program from a third-party source. I’m basically drooling thinking about the possibilities such an app would open up. Improvised 3GS-shot reality series? A definite possibility.

If you’ve already tried something out of the ordinary using your 3GS, or if you’ve found some interesting clips on YouTube, share them below so we can all get inspired.


roofer in devon

Oops was doing a google search for roofing and came across this post. Not exactly what I was searching for but much more interesting lol! Oh well, gotta get back to work…thanks, bp

devin Brown

I’ve been wondering, is there a way to search youtube by camera type? I love that feature of flickr, and It’d be really handy to get a lot of sample video from iphone 3gs users around the world.

Speaking of flickr, they support video now. Why didn’t apple give the option to upload to there as well? I’d love Flickr integration to be able to (more easily) upload pics similar to how they’ve integrated YouTube.

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