HP Releases Classic Calculators For iPhone

HP 12c iPhoneHP scientific and financial calculators have been the tools of choice for many in the business world for decades. Many of us have fond memories of the different HP calculators we have used over the years and often lament their passing. HP realizes this and as such as recreated three of these calculators on the iPhone. It would appear that HP found a unique way to sell these calculators all over again.

The three calculators in the iPhone App Store are the HP 12c, HP 12c Platinum and the HP 15c. The calculators have been totally recreated in these emulations, from the graphic display of each calculator to the special functions each performs. The calculators are programmable just like the originals. Like the native iPhone Calculator, the HP calculators are displayed in full in landscape orientation, just like the originals. When rotated to portrait mode, they display in a simplified form, just as Apple’s does.

These emulated calculators are not cheap; they run $15, $20 and $30 for the 12c, 12c Platinum and the 15c, respectively. HP may be onto something.

(via MacWorld)


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