Gateway Adds an AMD Netbook to the Market


gateway-netbookGateway may have been sold, but the name lives on in the netbook market. DigiTimes makes note of the LT3100, which isn’t your typical 10-inch Intel Atom device (s INTC). The LT3100 offers an 11.6-inch display capable of 1366×768 resolution. An AMD (s AMD) single-core Athlon CPU powers the device along with an integrated ATI Radeon X1270 GPU.

Gateway supports up to 2GB of RAM in the device and hard drive capacities up to 250GB. DigiTimes says the 3.14-pound portable will retail for $399. Late last year, we heard rumors of Acer netbooks rebadged with the Gateway name, but I can’t recall any Acer netbooks running with AMD inside. Still, it’s likely the look and feel of the device will be familiar to Acer devices.



if this is merely a prototype for an AMD Neo2/780G based system then i am happy, but i am not interested in it as it is.


Merely a poser…

From what I can tell from the benchmarks, this AMD Chip @ 1.3Ghz would be on par with the Atom @ 1.6Ghz – Unfortunately it’s clocked at 1.2…

And the Radeon X1270 GPU scores 328 on 3DMark06. Which is better than the 100ish that Intel’s integrated scores but well below Asus N10’s 9300M score of 1417 (ION should be a touch higher with the 9400M)


I’m pretty sure some Atom’s are more powerful than the particular AMD inside this. I’ll stick to my dual core Raon Everun Note :P


It is an acer product, Acer is sneaking in this lower powered AMD chip into it’s 11 inch netbook as well. I like the look of the Gateway much better.

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