paidContent Quick Hits

»  Is free content all it’s cracked up to be? [NY Times]

»  If you want to know where your friend bought those jeans or earthenware without asking, you may be in luck soon. [NY Times]

»  Real Networks makes job cuts, but not as severe as the ones they made last year. [Tech Flash]

»  More RealNetworks: A judge will soon rule on whether its RealDVD software circumvented DVD copy protections. [Variety Video]

»  After TMZ broke the death-of-Michael-Jackson story, none of the mainstream news outlet wanted to run with the story or cite TMZ’s story, and Google (NSDQ: GOOG) thought all the traffic coming in with his name on it was a malware attack. [LA Times, ZDNet]

»  Two years after buying the web app Grand Central, Google is finally inviting new users to its revamped iteration, Google Voice. [Channel Web]

»  YouTube’s keeping up appearances to try to keep teens from getting bored. [Search Engine Watch]