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YouTube: iPhone Already Accounts for Half of Mobile Uploads

It might just be a burst of people playing with their new, fancy toy, but it appears the the new iPhone 3GS, the first Apple (s aapl) phone to enable mobile video capture, is already affecting web video in a big way. YouTube (s GOOG), the world’s biggest user-generated video site, said the iPhone was responsible for more than half of its mobile uploads in the last week.

YouTube said today mobile video is an “exponentially” growing part of its site. In the last six months, uploads from mobile phones to YouTube have increased 1,700 percent. Since last Friday, when the iPhone 3GS was release, video uploads are up 400 percent per day.

Those are impressive numbers, but they’re growth floating out there in space without axes. YouTube declined to disclose a breakdown of mobile uploads by devices, the total number of mobile uploads it sees, or what percent of all its uploads are from mobile phones.

YouTube is likely to monetize very few mobile uploads, since it only runs ads on videos created by partners who regularly produce videos that attract thousands of viewers. Mobile video tends towards the off-the-cuff and personal. Not to say those videos aren’t valuable to the people who make them, and in some instances of citizen journalism or viral hits, a much broader audience.

13 Responses to “YouTube: iPhone Already Accounts for Half of Mobile Uploads”

  1. Speaking of flickr, they support video now. Why didn’t apple give the option to upload to there as well? I’d love Flickr integration to be able to (more easily) upload pics similar to how they’ve integrated YouTube.

  2. That’s really a shame if they do abandon video conversations. I thought that their launch of Seesmic Desktop meant that their video conversations had a future and that I could one day use Sessmic Desktop to conduct video conversations. I could even forsee integration btw video conversations and twitter long turn down the road in Seesmic Desktop. bummer.