HP Outlines Free Windows 7 Upgrade Details


hp-logoWhen Microsoft (s MSFT) announced October 22nd as the Windows 7 launch date, people immediately wanted to know about any free upgrade plans. These usually apply to computers purchased with an older operating system not long before the new OS arrives. While it almost sounds funny to think of Vista as an “old” OS, it debuted in January of 2007. Regardless of its age, many feel that Windows 7 is “Vista done right” and they want to make sure their purchases of today run on tomorrow’s platform.

HP just announced it will be offering a free Windows 7 upgrade through the Windows Upgrade Option Program. To determine eligibility by computer model, folks can hit a dedicated web page outlining the details. HP (s HP) is hosting the information at http://www.hp.com/go/windows7upgrade, although I must be early, as the page isn’t live at the time of this writing.

If your HP purchase is eligible, the company will send you a Windows 7 upgrade disk along with utilities and a step-by-step upgrade guide. HP’s Upgrade Assistant will determine your computer’s driver compatibility and will preinstall most (if not all) of any driver upgrades. You won’t get Windows 7 early through this program, as HP won’t ship it until October 22nd at the earliest. However, you probably don’t have to worry about buying a Vista device now and then paying again for a Windows 7 license.



I would like to leave a positive feedback. The website works-The emails came confirming POP upload and approval status and then the CD came. The upgrade went smoothly on the laptop over about 4 hours(probably less if I was around a bit more to fill in some information). First upgrade to work.(period) Never had good luck upgrading only clean installs until now.


Is there a charge for the upgrade? one website i read that my credit card will be used once i recieve the disk?

Robert Bennett

I was on hold twice called 1-877-280-2279 21 Nov 2009 12 noon to 1 get dropped twice and never got a operator, the windows 7 upgrade program sucks! I got a email from HPUpgrade@arvatousa.com
telling me my upgrade had a Windows 7 POP Approval but not when I would receive it.


I am having the same experience. HP is using a contractor called Arvato. I can log in and see my status and it says I have POP approval, which means they have verified my proof of purchase. Their FAQ says that an upgrade would ship within 7 days but I’m at 3 weeks now and nothing has shipped.
Thank you for your Windows ® 7 upgrade from HP order. Your proof of purchase has been approved and your order will be shipped on or after the General Release date of Windows 7. We will send you another email notification once we ship your order. We will also post updates regarding the availability of Windows 7 to our website at http://www.hpwindows7upgrade.arvato.com/north_america . You can view your order status at Track your Order . Please allow up to 24 hours for status updates to be reflected.


I didn’t spend a whole lot of time researching this, but it seems to me that if you buy an XP machine, you are out of luck; only Vista purchases seem to qualify.


I got caught up in the last go-round of free OS upgrades offered by PC manufacturers. It was a nightmare.
After waiting months I finally sued Gateway for the cost of an upgrade and they rolled over. The upshot is: if your PC supplier is making a promise to supply you something that isn’t bundled make darn sure it’s not being delivered by some outsourced low rent contractor in the Netherlands!

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