Nintendo Wii Gets CinemaNow Movies…in Japan

While Nintendo‘s Wii has proven itself to be a formidable gaming platform, it lags behind the competition when it comes to offering video content. But that is about to change. Kind of. In Japan. Sonic Solutions announced today that it is partnering with Fujisoft to bring Hollywood movies to the Nintendo Wii game consoles in Japan.

Movies will be delivered through Sonic Solutions’ Roxio CinemaNow, and Paramount has signed on as the first Hollywood studio to provide new release and library titles through Fujisoft’s “Minna no Theater Wii” (Everyone’s Theater Wii).

Game consoles aren’t just for gaming anymore, as movie delivery via the devices is set to be a big business. In-Stat predicts that game consoles will remain the dominant delivery platform for web video to TV sets, with more than 10.7 million game consoles to be used as “web-to-TV mediation devices” in the U.S. by 2013.

Nintendo’s competition may not have the install base that the Wii has, but Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 are ahead in terms of video delivery. Microsoft in particular announced a slew of new video features for its game console at E3 this year. The Xbox 360 will be getting 1080p movie streaming, social viewing features, and gestures control.


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