Michael Jackson in Video, 1958-2009

Michael Jackson reportedly died of a heart attack this afternoon at the age of 50, leaving behind an amazing discography and a complicated life story. Today, personally, I’m gonna focus on the former.

After all, the man made one hell of a music video. Jackson had an official YouTube account, featuring his best-known music videos, but embedding on those videos has been disabled. So go there to remember Thriller, Beat It, Smooth Criminal, Remember the Time and so on.

But here’s a live performance from 1988 of Man in the Mirror, proving that gospel choirs make everything better:

This clip’s from the Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration, where he dueted with Britney Spears on The Way You Make Me Feel. Damn, he could dance.

This medley from the 1991 album Dangerous is just more evidence.

So who knows. He could be literally moonwalking right now.