Structure 09: IBM Discusses Its Move to Cloud Computing

Structure-090625-1708-D71_5412 IBM (s ibm) announced it would begin offering cloud computing infrastructure to large companies just two weeks ago. Willy Chiu, VP of IBM’s Cloud Labs, talked briefly about IBM’s move to cloud computing.

Chiu, who started working with IBM’s cloud computing team three years ago, said IBM has made a major investment in its cloud push. IBM took a startup approach and let its employees incubate the company’s cloud technology. Chiu led IBM’s Blue Cloud project and talked about the success of the company’s recent collaboration with various international clients in Vietnam, South Africa, China and Qatar. He said cloud computing provides a way for companies to efficiently serve clients even when they lack resources and skilled employees.

Chiu said its clients’ reaction to its IBM CloudBurst product (a pre-integrated set of hardware, storage, virtualization and networking) has been positive and clients are stunned that it can install in just one hour. However, Chiu acknowledged that businesses will not it adopt its cloud computing services overnight.

Video of the mininote is here:

Photo by James Duncan Davidson.