Google Voice Invites Start Flowing


Good news if you’ve signed up for a Google Voice (s GOOG) invite. The company announced today that those invitations are now starting to trickle out to new users. Didn’t sign up for an invite yet? No worries, but you should run, not walk, to the sign-up page to request one.

Now that I have a second mobile line but no landline, I use Google Voice to manage my incoming calls. For folks who have my Google Voice number, I have it set to ring both my iPhone and Pre. In fact, I had my sister call me to test it just yesterday when she stopped by. She dialed and immediately both phones were ringing, which blew her mind.

google-voice-webGoogle Voice is also capable of handling incoming text messages and voicemails, both of which can be transcribed for you. I hit up my Google Voice account on the web using my iPhone yesterday and was able to read the most recent voicemail messages, which were transcribed with great accuracy. Here’s a screen-cap to the right showing the mobile web interface and a text message conversation I had on two different phones. There’s other flexibility as well: You can define which phones ring depending on who is calling or if it’s late afternoon on a weekend.

All in all, I’m thrilled with the free service. I still can’t wait until I can port my main mobile number to the service, though. I’ve had that number since 2000 and, more importantly, it’s the number that nearly all of my contacts have. Speaking of contacts, Google Voice uses your Gmail contact list for an address book. Glad I moved to that a ways back for my contact needs.



I can trade Google Wave invites if someone has a Google Voice invite I could have.

website video

I have google voice but don’t see the option to invite yet? Is there a time frame on when all accounts will get this option?


me too !

i cant c it, anywhere. opened my account 2 hrs ago.

did u get ur yet? its been a while since ur post?

did the option appear?how long did it take?


i’m looking for a google voice invite. I dont have any other invites to trade or I would trade for it. I can tell you this thing is going to solve some of my phone problems. Let me know if this sounds possible. Thank you to anyone listening.

Krishna c. ailneni

Can any one send me a google voice invite, please I need it badly, I am student. I will be very thankful if any one can send me an invitation and pray for them.
Please send it to

Thanks in advance


I have Wave invites, looking for Voice invites. email me to set up exchange!

once i receive 1 invite ill give away all my wave invites but till then they stay locked in my inbox


I have about 6 spare Google Voice invitations that i would like to trade for a single Google Wave Invite. Anyone with Wave here?


I am looking for a google voice invite please. If anyone has any spare invites I would much appreciate it, as I only use my cell phone for all business and home calls. Thanks!


Hey if anyone has a spare google voice invite and would like to share, please send one over to I’m currently a student and this would definitely benefit me. Thanks in advanced.



Can anybody please send me an invitation of google voice account… my id is saadat.abubakr (without spaces).
thanks a lot


Hey, does your google voice account still function on your Iphone with the recent news that apple was blocking the native app? Just curious. I know you’re using the web to access it, but I wasnt’ sure if that was blocked too? I have a blackberry, so I’m not affected. That’s why I ask about the IPhone. I have friends that are highly interested.

Kevin C. Tofel

Yes, Google Voice over the web works fine on the iPhone. I use it every day in the browser, in fact. I have most, if not all, of the same features offered by the software client over the web.


why can’t u just let all ur contacts know you have a new phone #. like via facebook or whatever you use with ur friends.

what also hasn’t been mentioned around town is that you can send texts via google voice for free. so if im on my viliiv s5 with 3g connection i can send and reply to my texts on their for free. or even when im on my cell phone. im on a pay as you go phone plan so texts cost me 20 cents. well if i get online via wifi or 3g i can send texts for free.


Will google voice be available in the UK? I have not seen anything to indicate either way.

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