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Firefox 3.5 Now Available in a Third Release Candidate Version

FirefoxMany of us have been using the Release Candidate of Mozilla’s Firefox 3.5 browser, which is a major upgrade to previous versions. Now, Mozilla has released a third Release Candidate, available for download for Windows, the Mac and Linux. Mozilla also has a post up about the release, although there aren’t a lot of clear details as to what, exactly, is new.

Mozilla’s post says only that the updates in Release Candidate 3 are in response to “user feedback.” The organization intends to move quickly toward a final release of Firefox Version 3.5. In all likelihood, the differences between this version and RC2 consist of bug and/or security fixes.

I’ve been steadily using both the betas and the Release Candidates of Firefox 3.5, and it’s both speedy and substantially more feature-rich. It’s stable, too. If you’re already running a Firefox 3.5 beta or Release Candidate version, you can obtain an update to RC3 by selecting “Check for Updates” from the “Help” menu. Here are the official Release Notes for more information.

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