Palm Pre Owners Downloaded One Million Apps


Credit: Palm

The Palm (NSDQ: PALM) Pre may only have around 30 applications available to it so far, but that hasn’t stopped new Pre owners from already downloading a million apps, according to mobile analytics firm Medialets.

The’s Bits Blog did the math, working out that based on RBC Capital’s estimate of 150,000 Pres shipped since the device’s June 6 debut, this works out to an average of six or more applications downloaded per device. Not bad at all given the very limited choice.

Of course, if Palm doesn’t get some more apps in their fast, the store could lose its momentum. Gartner mobile analyst Ken Dulaney told Bits, “Sprint (NYSE: S) users are starved for smartphones and applications. But, chances are they’ve all probably downloaded the same kinds of apps. The question is, are they satisfied with what they have and what is there beyond those offerings?” In comparison, Apple’s App Store has over 50,000 apps, while Nokia’s Ovi Store has around 239.

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