Industry Moves: EBay Hires Microsoft Search Exec As Search VP


Credit: Hugh Williams

A seemingly rare departure from Microsoft’s search team, which has stepped up its efforts to recruit top engineers from rivals: Hugh Williams, a Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) search development manager, is heading to eBay (NSDQ: EBAY). Williams tells us via e-mail that he will be leading the e-commerce company’s search development team. The move was first reported by Silicon Alley Insider, which notes that in his LinkedIn profile, Williams takes credit for several new features in Microsoft’s relaunched search engine Bing. From the profile: “I managed the development of all user-facing web search relevance features, including the left-rail explore pane (with its “table of contents”), navigational query treatments, query-biased summaries, “deeplinks”, related searches, and whole page results relevance.”


Michael Holcomb

This guy is working under John Donahoe, and his hands are tied.

Irregardless of his past successes, his new CEO will destroy any germ of creativity he might once have had.

Anyone that would work at eBay under present management can't be too bright to begin with.

Donahoe has got to go.


Not to mince words, but is "exec" the right word for a non-VP? If it is, then Microsoft sure has a crapload of execs.

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