Quick Tip: Google Search Based on Time

googletimeOne of the things I’ve always found frustrating about Google (s goog) is its inability to perform a search and then filter based on date/time written. Last night I was trying to find out what happened to Axxo (a famous BitTorrent figure), who’s currently missing, and was having a horrible time with it. A few months ago, Axxo had also disappeared, only to reappear a short time later, so when I was searching for “What happened to Axxo,” Google kept finding articles about his previous disappearance instead of his current one. Turns out Google can filter results by time, as I found out while looking for more Axxo information. Here’s how to enable time-based filtering:

  1. Type in and perform your search
  2. On the results page click the “show options…” button in the blue barshowoptions
  3. A sidebar will pop out, select “recent results”recentresults

Here’s a quick screencast video showing it in action:

WWD Screencast: Google Search Based on Time from WebWorkerDaily on Vimeo.

Another alternative to search news via Google is Google Blog Search. It specifically searches blog articles for whatever you want. One set back to just searching blogs is that you are not searching forums, and often times forums have more current and (sometimes) accurate information.

Have you been using Google’s time-filtered results? Do you think it is or isn’t an important feature based on your web search habits?