Lock or Sleep Your PC With a Bluetooth Phone: Phoenix Freeze

[wpvideo BDTOehC7 w=500]

Yes, I’m in a video “frame” of mind this week. ;) Here’s another quickie to show off a fun and useful utility called Freeze. Phoenix Technologies created Freeze and it normally sells for $14.99. The Phoenix folks tell me there’s an intro price of $9.99 right now, however.

I decided to take advantage of the 14-day free trial, so I’m running around the home office testing the utility. Freeze pairs your Windows XP or Vista computer with Bluetooth phone and then uses that wireless signal as a proximity detector. When you leave your PC, Freeze will lock it, turn off your screen or put the PC to sleep. You can configure the actions as well as the lock and unlock distance.

I’ve got it just about right for my home office, although I seem to have added a step by locking myself in the room, too. I hope someone with a Bluetooth phone shows up at the door soon. The cats are in here and they look very hungry. Plus they’re staring at me strangely. Nice kitty?


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