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HTC Hero Brings Sense to the Market

HTC, maker of many of the most popular phones in the Android and Windows Mobile markets, today unveiled the HTC Hero. While the hardware on this Android-based smartphone is as good as anything out there, of particular interest is the new user interface, dubbed HTC Sense, which is both touch-optimized and organizes the user’s needs around the people with which they interact — a bit like the Palm Pre.


Most importantly, however, the Sense interface isolates the operating system from the user. Such an approach allows HTC to produce phones that are distinctly their own, function-wise, no matter what OS is used to power them. This is a smart move on HTC’s part, as obligations to carriers may dictate that a certain OS to be used on a given phone but a common interface lets HTC retain its own look and feel. We wouldn’t be surprised to see HTC Sense appear on Windows Mobile phones the company produces in the future.

The HTC Hero will be available in Europe in July and in Asia later this summer. A North American version will be out later this year.

7 Responses to “HTC Hero Brings Sense to the Market”

  1. Has anybody else read the reviews on the Hero? Granted, they called it the best android phone yet, but they also called it laggy, and it’s multimedia capabilities aren’t ranked so great either. It looks like i’ll be waiting for some real world reviews by some of you early adopters..Share your views at would love to heard what you think.

  2. coolfx35

    I’m not going to compare it to the iPhone because they are very different animals, all I have to say is that Android’s community support is phenomenal, it’s the reason I got the G1 and so far I’m stoked with the way things are going.

    The phone/OS hasn’t been out for a year and look where we are at already; almost every user/community request has been answered or is being worked on; either officially or by the community itself, the point is that it’s a huge open source success.

    happy to see a phone like the HTC Hero coming to the U.S. Market, already found forum for it at let’s get some discussions going guys.

  3. HTC will also use Sense on future Windows Mobile devices, I was told in an interview with their PR today.

    * That’s like 1.) Samsung hiding its Symbian, Windows Mobile or their own OS under the Touchwiz UI.
    * Also the HTC Hero does Multitouch like the 2.) iPhone.
    * The new contact app resembles Synergy on the 3.) Palm Pre.

    They copied at least 3 great concepts from other companies for HTC Sense. I am pretty amazed.

    • iPhone, Palm Pre and Samsung invented every one of those features???

      Touchwiz Ui came before TouchFLO? No HTC had the first overlay. Samsung a copy?
      iPhone invented mulitouch? No. It is a way of interaction with a screen which iPhone adopted which is now on Hero & Pre.
      Many phones share a resemblance to others so it is not really copying.

  4. The standard Android UI isn’t very appealing. Also, device manufacturers want to create a phone that is distinct form the competition, and this includes the UI.

    My concern is how this impacts independent developers. Are we headed down the same road as J2ME?

  5. sfmitch

    The only reason to hide the underlying OS is if the OS is not so good (I’m thinking of MS Windows Mobile (or whatever it’s current name is). If the OS is good (I’m thinking Android, WebOS and iPhone OS) then it is not a good idea to cover it up.