How-To: Tether Your BlackBerry to Your Mac


Blackberry 8800

One of the big, new features of the iPhone is its ability to tether. BlackBerrys have had this ability for a while, so below I have outlined how to tether your BlackBerry with your Mac to use your Internet connection to browse the web with your computer.

Some Things to Note

  • This tutorial is for Leopard.
  • I have successfully tested this with a BlackBerry Bold and a BlackBerry Curve 8900 using the 8800 modem drivers, but it should also work with the BlackBerry 8100, 8700 and 8800.
  • Some service providers have a special tethering plan that you may need to add to your cell phone. (It will work without the tethering packing, but you might get slammed with overage charges if they catch you.)

Configure Your BlackBerry

  1. Open “Manage Connections.”
  2. Click the checkbox next to “Bluetooth” to turn Bluetooth on.
  3. Scroll down to “Set up Bluetooth.”
  4. A pop-up will come up to name your device; name it.
  5. An “Add Device” pop up will come up; click “Cancel.”
  6. Click the BlackBerry menu; select “Options.”
  7. Set Discoverable to “Yes.”
  8. Save changes.

Configure Your Mac

  1. Download & Install BlackBerry modem scripts for OS X.
  2. Go to System Preferences ? Bluetooth.
  3. Check “Show Bluetooth status in the menu bar.”
  4. Click on the menu bar item and select “Set up Bluetooth Device.”
  5. A pop-up will appear; click “Continue.”
  6. Select “Mobile phone” as the type of device.
  7. When the computer finds your phone, select it and click “Continue.”
  8. You’ll be given a passkey. Enter the passkey into your BlackBerry.
  9. After successfully pairing your computer with your BlackBerry, you will get a pop-up that asks, “Accept connection request from (your computer)?” Click the checkbox “Don’t ask again” and select “Yes.”
  10. Your computer will now ask, “Access the Internet with your phone’s data connection?” Click the check box, and select “Continue.”
    access internet with data connection
  11. Enter the following information into the appropriate boxes. (This is for AT&T. Do a Google search for other vendors.):
    • Password: CINGULAR1
    • Phone Number: wap.cingular
  12. Save and close.
  13. Now open up network preferences: Applications ? System preferences ? Network
  14. Click the Plus Button.
    • Interface: Bluetooth
    • Service Name: Whatever you want, I named it “Tethered BB”
  15. Enter in all the information again:
    • Password: CINGULAR1
    • Phone Number: wap.cingular


  16. Click “Advanced:”
    • Vendor: Research In Motion
    • Model: BlackBerry 8800
    • Dial mode: Ignore dial tone when dialing

    tetherbbadvanced settings

  17. Save Settings.

Connect to the Internet

Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on both you phone and your computer!

  1. Click the Dialer icon in your menu bar.
  2. Select Connect Tethered BB (or whatever you named your connection in step 14 of setting up your computer) from the drop-down menu.
  3. After a few seconds you should be connected!



Although the information is pretty old, it worked perfectly for me. I am in Hong Kong, and I have a Bold 2 with Peoples (aka China Mobile HK). APN is, and user/pwd is your phone number/the pwd you set up on Peoples/Blackberry web site account. Just thought I’d mention it so that if other BB users in HK end up on this page. Thanks!


Does anyone know if this still works with AT&T’s new tethering plans?


Hey All,

This was working fine until I suddenly needed to find the “dialer icon” and had no idea what the author was talking about. Maybe this obvious to some of you, but for the rest, here’s the missing step:

When you open your mac’s network connections, and have your tethered BB selected in the left panel, be sure to check the check box that says “Show modem status.”

Once you check that box the dialer icon will appear in your top menu bar–it’s a picture of a phone. From there you can complete the “connect to the internet” steps from above.

Article was very clear until that section–thanks very much for the earlier parts!


thank you very much!
works perfectly with BB Torch 9800 and mac OS X (10.6.4)

Business Pages

One of the big, new features of the iPhone is its noesis to constraint. BlackBerrys mortal had this ability for a spell, so below I hump distinct how to constraint your BlackBerry with your Mac to use your Cyberspace transfer to range


Shreyans Bhansali

This is amazing and worked perfectly without any issues.
I just moved into a new apartment and I’ve had Internet thanks to this.
Thank you Jenny!


2 questions:
How would AT&T find out if you are tethering?
Also, did anyone try the $49 softwware you download on your BB and laptop?

Boise Marketing

I have used Tetherberry (now to no avail. After hours and hours of trying different settings, I was able to get occasional, super-slow connection speeds on a road trip last September.

This time around, in preparation for another trip, I tried it out again using their updated software. Problem is, it does not work if your Blackberry Desktop Manager is installed. I use that regularly, so that was a deal killer.

This setup did work for me, although I did pay for authorized Blackberry tethering service for the month. I have ATT, and they only support their tethering with Windows, and I have Mac OS X (Snow Leopard). So I re-researched tethering via Bluetooth without any software add-ons and found this article (again).

This time I was able to get it to work pretty easily. I don’t know if having the authorized ATT tethering plan added this month made it work or not. I’ll cancel the service next month and try it to find out.


There’s a much simpler way to do this, at least it works for me on Verizon with a curve 8530 and Snow Leopard (10.6.2). It will cost you $30 “tethering charge” though (even though data is data, &%*#* those bandits!).

Hook up your blackberry via USB, the go to System Preferences -> Network. It will tell you a new network device has been detected. Configure it by setting (on Verizon, other carriers will be different) telephone number to “#777”, account name to “vzw3g”, and password to “vzw”. Don’t use the quotes — but you knew that, right? :)


thebeelzebubtrigger–are you connecting 3g/cellular or dial-up? Can you receive emails while using the tethering? Are you using vz access manager?
Thanks for your help.

Jon Q

I have been tethering my BB for at least a year now and it works pretty well, but has anyone else had the problem of (If you drop your connection, you cannot disconnect the bluetooth from the disconnect menu and if you do get it to disconnect, you cannot connect again because of a modem error?)
I get this allot because I tether at work almost the whole day, when this happens, I have to re boot my MacBook Pro and do a QuickPull on the BB and then it works great again for hours. It’s like it gets disconnected but the Mac thinks it still is and will not let me disconnect.

jo's mama

at&t says there is a $30 tethering charge per month… I was able to use my bb 9700 as a modem for my mbp last night (using the above directions) and am wondering, since I was able to connect, will at&t automatically charge me the $30/month? or is it possible that I can use my bb as a modem for my mbp and not pay that monthly service charge? I’ve read some comments here and elsewhere how people connect for “free”… does anyone know the answer to this? thank you very much! :)


Everyone on this forum is crazy!

Have you not heard about free tethering?

Hello 2010!!!

People nationwide are already getting free phone service and free tethering. Why are you still paying for service and new services like mifi, lol.

Great instructions for setting this up though. Nice work.

When your ready for free phone service and tethering just email me.

Alvaro Vega

Hi i have been trying to connect my BB 8900 to my MacBook Pro but I am from Ecuador and I live there and my vendor is Movistar. I searched in google the information about movistar´s internet and i found it, but i followed all the steps in this tutorial and at the end when I connect the BB to the computer the computer tells me that it is connected and there is data sending but not receiving and I dont have internet, the pages dont load and it doesnt connect.
Can anybody help me, maybe the vendors info isnt correct or something like that.
The web page is
I dont know what to do, and i tried this software lauch2net but it doesnt support my phone.
Help me please
When you know something please let me know



How did you get this to work with T-mobile? Are you using Snow Leopard?

I upgraded and now this doesn’t work. I get an error at Authentication saying to check my PPP settings and try again. Dadgummit!


With a T-Mobile Bold 9700 on Snow Leopard, I was able to make this work.

1. I used the BlackBerry 3G modem script from the first post on this page:

then installed it into the /Library/Modem Scripts directory.

2. In Network Preferences, I’m using these settings for the Bluetooth DUN connection configuration:

Configuration: Default
Telephone Number:
Account Name: my cell #
Password: my password

3. On the Advanced… dialog, my Modem settings are as follows:

Vendor: Other (Research In Motion does not show up, as BBDM was never installed)
Model: BlackBerry 3G CID1

The rest of the settings were as shown in the screen shot above in the original post.

Good luck!


Thank you! Worked like a dream first time out with T-Mobile USA.

Stay smart.


I tried this, but could not find the Research In Motion options in the modem section of advanced network settings. I got an error about connecting to a PPP server.


Same problem here..couldn’t find the Research In Motion options in the modem section of advanced network settings either.

Did you hear back from anyone as to why this is so and what can we do to get around this?

I’d appreciate it so much if you could share any answers with me.



I also could not find “Research in Motion” in the drop-down list in advanced network settings. Is there another way to connect my blackberry??


This page contains the latest modem scripts that I’ve found:

Install the script(s) in the directory /Library/Modem Scripts. If you have a Bold (like I do), you only need download the 3G script.

I believe Research In Motion will only show up as a Vendor in the Advanced… dialog if you’ve installed BB Desktop Manager. If you’re using another syncing solution, you may be able to select “Other” and see your downloaded script(s) in the Model field. That’s what worked for me.


I got the same problem, but I fixed the problem I had with Research in Motion not showing up. You just download the scripts and put the folder in hardrive/library/modem scripts. However, even once this problem was resolved, it still says that there was a ppp error when I try to connect to the internet. Everything else works! what is the problem?


I have a BB 8330 with Sprint and a MacBook Pro. Sprint has no address on the list above. Yesterday I purchased a MiFi 2200 Mobile Hotspot card. It is wireless and lets you connect your laptop (and 5 others) to the 3G Mobile Broadband at home or while you are on the road. It was $99 with rebate and $50 a month (normally $60 unless you are a Sprint customer) and you get to transfer 5GB a month before they start charging you.

I used it last night in my favorite restaurant where there is no WiFi available and I had a friend come over with his laptop and we both were online simultaneously. It was real fast when I was alone on it and it did slow down a bit when my friend joined in. People were coming over and asking us to check things on Facebook etc. I wanted to see how much data I used but it hasn’t updated yet on but you can check it after a day or so.

All in all, I am very pleased with it and I have a 30 day free trial too!


I’m not clear on how to “find my network.” What am I suppose to search for using Google?


No offense intended, but a revision to the title of this blog entry is in order, IMO. I have a BB. A Storm. On the Verizon network. While helpful to some, I could have avoided a trip to this entry if you’d added a “AT&T” to the title.

Josh Pigford

Really? You’d say this article is now completely useless because in our example we didn’t show your network? You do realize mentioned how to find your network, don’t you?


@bonesb Chill out. Its not like you had to pay to read this article and like he said “Do a Google search for other vendors”.

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