Comcast: TV Everywhere Will Eat Into Your Metered Broadband

While on the conference call to announce the TV Everywhere initiative being promoted by Time Warner and Comcast, I asked Comcast CEO Brian Roberts if the content being streamed as part of this new effort would be free from the 250GB-a-month bandwidth quota his company has started imposing on this customers.

His answer: No. The streaming bandwidth consumed when watching videos using the TV everywhere system. would be counted towards the total monthly bandwidth usage quota. He said (and I paraphrase) that since You’re not going to get close enough to hitting the monthly quota anyway, he said, so why worry?¬†We (and many of our readers) disagree. We feel that while 250GB might look very generous today, it isn’t much when you start streaming or downloading HD-quality video.

I think it’s also disingenuous for the company to promote the usage of web-based video (and thus the consumption of more bandwidth) while imposing a meter on the bandwidth and at the same time charging for the same video (as cable subscription.) Now that’s some double-dipping, baby!

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