Celio Drops REDFLY Prices, Intends BlackBerry and Android Support


c8ngenstraightnav300x300.jpgCelio is making their REDFLY device a little more price competitive, possibly the result of the low-cost netbook market. The REDFLY looks similar to today’s netbooks, but leverages your existing Windows Mobile (s MSFT) smartphone for processing, applications and connectivity. We’ve used the various REDFLY models and they’re ideal for a WinMo handset owner that wants a full keyboard and larger screen.

The 8-inch REDFLY C8N, which sports an 8-hour battery life, can now be had for $249, $50 less than the MSRP The slightly smaller REDFLY C7 offers a 7-inch screen and five hours of battery life and is now priced at $199, a $30 savings. That $30 difference was occasionally available as a $30 rebate in the past, but Celio has now adopted $199 as an “everyday” price.

In chatting with the Celio folks, I asked about their plans beyond Windows Mobile. As of now, they’re still leaning towards support for BlackBerry (s RIMM) devices before the end of the year. After that, Android is a potential candidate, although plans can obviously change. This approach makes sense to me since Google’s (s GOOG) mobile OS is gaining momentum with new devices, firmware updates and customized user interface changes.


Eddie W

Agreed. An iPhone connection would be superb! That would make it easy to, say, go into a meeting, type notes on the Celio into my Docs to Go, then mail out the notes through my iPhone’s Exchange connection. Until someone comes up with an external portable keyboard for the iPhone, I’m thinking this would be the next best thing!


Still think these things cost way too much considering they’re essentially just dumb terminals. You have to carry another thing anyways, might as well spring for a netbook for $50 more. If they can break down below $100, then I can see a need and a market.


i’m hoping that with os 3.0 that the celio folks will release a client that will work with the iphone.

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