ASUS Eee PC 1005HA Exemplifies the Four “P’s” of Netbook Success


asus-eee-pc-1005haI know the ASUS Eee PC 1005HA is already available, but ASUS just sent me a promotional email on the device. The subject line is definitely eye-catching: “10.5 hours of unplugged freedom.” For over a year, debates have raged over why netbooks are so popular. Some say price, some say portability, but as I said yesterday, there’s a third “P”: power efficiency. Put these all together and you get a fourth “P”, as in “package.” To me, the success is really about the whole package a netbook provides:

  • Low pricing for usable computing, which means a good value.
  • Light in weight, making for portability and use in more places than larger devices
  • The ability to compute for at least eight hours or more, which I define as “all day” computing

ASUS appears to have positioned the Eee 1005HA just right, but 10.5 hours might be a bit boastful on the company’s part. Then again, it might not be: Liliputing already has a review up and has already seen at least eight hours with Wi-Fi on and screen brightness at 50 percent. With that kind of battery life, a weight of 2.8 pounds and online pricing as low as $389, another “P” is crying out to my temptations: purchase!



Ben says: <>

Sorry, Ben! Intel will NEVER allow more than 1024*600 for N280 netbooks. In fact, you can even expect Intel to enforce LESS resolution on N280 netnooks in the very near future. Currently, Dell is already forced to ship 1024*576 screens with its N270 netbooks. If they try to ship netbooks with more resolution, Intel will charge Dell much more money for their cpus.


Thats what I hate about intel and what makes me wish more people would use VIAs nano with the nvidia ion or something, and add a higher resolution.


The one thing which would make the 1005HA perfect for me is a bump up in the screen resolution.

The 1024×600 really is too limiting for my uses.


I would add one more P: Presentation.

The 1005HA just looks really nice. Past Eee Pcs looked weren’t all that exciting from a visual standpoint. The Seashell design combines form and functionality. In comparison, HP Minis had form but lacked functionality.


I absolutely have to agree with you. This netbook is the first to hit the sweet spot for me.

Portability (nice and slim)
Power Consumption

At only $350, this item seems inevitably destined for my hands.


i absolutely love my 1008HA, i see the 1005HA as a VERY good alternative. they both have beautiful designs, although the 1008HA is significantly thinner/lighter than the 1005HA. if you absolutely need more than 5hrs battery life then the 1008HA provides the 1005HA is the way to go.

the 1005HA is now Asus best “standard” netbook (user replaceable parts) were as the 1008HA is Asus best “specialty” netbok. the lack of a user replaceable battery in the 1008HA never bother me much because by the time the battery degrades i will probably already own another netbook anyways. if the device was $2,000 then a lack of user replaceable battery would be a VERY big deal.

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