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Will Dow Jones’ Payment System Be Expanded For Third-Party Content?

Updated: DJ has refused to comment on this.

Is *Dow Jones*, part of the News Corp (NYSE: NWS) empire, working on a payment system that would sell third party content as well? That seems to be suggestion, according to a story on THR, which quotes Dow Jones CEO Les Hinton speaking today at the official launch event for the PricewaterhouseCoopers “Media and Entertainment Outlook 2009-2013” report. From the story: “He also signaled that Dow Jones is working on a technical platform that would allow people to pay for the Journal and other Dow Jones content, as well as third-party news and information. He didn’t provide specifics, but hinted that the system could allow for subscriptions and micro payments.”

Murdoch and others at DJ has previously said they will be experimenting with micropayments and other payments options for the Journal, and a system for micropayments is slated to launch this fall, as we reported earlier last month. Staci explored in some depth about the options that could work across News Corp.’s news properties worldwide, but the part in THR’s story about third-party content is new. It does however fit in, if the company does proceed with its plans for a dedicated portable device to compete with the likes of Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) Kindle. If News Corp would be offering other media companies’ content on the device, it would be but natural to expand that within the Dow Jones Online payment umbrella as well. Remains to be seen if DJ would stick to its specialty of business/finance related offerings, if indeed this is true. More when we find out more…