Twitter Report Card: Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington Up Close

Whether you like it not, Twitter is changing the way people communicate, and media companies are eager to harness this new tool. Every week, we’ll look at a different Twitterer in the media industry, from the biggest celebrities to small-town beat reporters, to see how adept they are with this emerging medium.

Name: Arianna Huffington
Affiliation: Huffington Post
Following/follower ratio: Follows over 1,500 people — has over 15,500 followers.
Average number of tweets per day: About two, though she sometimes skips tweeting altogether.

Is there a real conversation? Not exactly. Huffington solicits info from her followers (like this tweet, where she asked for suggestions for her five-word Webby acceptance speech), and sometimes responds to their tweets — so it’s not always a one-way stream of her thoughts. But her tweets are HuffPo-centric, with about nine out of 10 links she posts heading back to the news site.

Our assessment: Huffington’s feed is great for people who want a peek into the life of a digital-media maven, since you’ll get the dish on her dinners with Oprah and interviews with Richard Branson. But if you’re eager for a dialogue, she’s probably not the person to follow. Sure, she follows well over 1,000 people, but she isn’t interacting with many of them. And the constant stream of HuffPo articles gets a little tedious. (Note: She’s only had a solo account for about two-and-a-half months, so, who knows, maybe her posts will get more diverse as she settles in.)

The grade: Huffington gets a B-.


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