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Blog Platform Posterous Buys Social News Site Platform Slinkset

Posterous, a startup that lets people blog via e-mail, has purchased Slinkset, which makes it easier for users to set up Digg-like social news sites. In a blog post, Posterous co-founder Garry Tan says that “Slinkset will remain online, and we’ll be working on some crazy awesome stuff to bring the power of slinkset’s technology and community to your Posterous experience.”

Posterous lets users blog by simply e-mailing text, photos, or files to a default Posterous account, without even needing to register for an account; Slinkset, meanwhile, does require registration, but claims users can set up a Digg-like site “within seconds.” No financial terms of the deal were released. Posterous, however, has raised two angel rounds, including $725,000 in December from investors including former Zimbra CEO Satish Dharmaraj and former Netscape CEO Eric Hahn. TechCrunch notes that both companies were initially backed last year by seed venture firm Y Combinator.

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