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Vizio Adds Facebook and Twitter to TV Sets

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Remember when you’d plop down in front of the television to veg out and do nothing? Well, those days are numbered as TV manufacturers cram more interactive features into their sets. Case in point: Vizio today announced that consumers will be able to access eBay (s EBAY), Facebook and Twitter through its new televisions.

Multichannel News reports that the sets will come with integrated wireless 802.11n dual band and Ethernet networking interfaces to connect to the Internet. And to make tweeting about what you are watching that much easier, Vizio’s remotes will have a built-in QWERTY keyboard.

In addition to the new things you’ll be able to do with your TV, Vizio announced a number of new content partnerships to expand what you’ll watch. Showtime, Vudu, Revision 3, Rallypoint Sports, and Radiotime will all deliver content to the TV sets. Showtime will provide video extras, trailers, and select episodes of its programming. These content noobs will join the likes of Netflix, Amazon, Blockbuster and Pandora, which already announced deals with Vizio.

Net-connected TVs are the new norm as just about every manufacturer including Sony, Samsung, LG and Pioneer gets into the game.

7 Responses to “Vizio Adds Facebook and Twitter to TV Sets”

  1. With the rise in popularity of netbooks and smartphones. Is there really a need for people to access Facebook and Twitter on the cumbersome big screen?

  2. Imagine adding a webcame with 802.11n connectivity to this capabilty then you could use a combination of Twitter type capabilty, Skype like capabilty and social meeting room tools to have multiple communications in a realtime live setting so you could not only type about things but for certain profile and groups add additional voice and video collaboration and sharing.