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Steve Jobs Back On the Job

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It remains to be seen whether he’s just testing the waters, or if he’s actually returned full-time to heading Apple (s aapl), but Steve Jobs sightings at the company’s Cupertino campus in California have been confirmed. This comes after news from The Wall Street Journal earlier in the week that Jobs’ medical leave actually involved a liver transplant and recuperation time related to the procedure.

Confirmation of Jobs’ return comes via CNBC’s Jim Goldman, who reports that his sources, various Apple employees, say that Jobs is back on campus and at work, or at least he was yesterday. Official Apple representatives have yet to say anything definitive on the matter, after having revealed that Jobs will return to work later in the month.

What does Jobs’ return mean for the company at this point? Considering the company’s success in his absence, even if he doesn’t become as involved as he had been previously, chances are that any kind of presence will only serve to further bolster investor and public confidence in Apple’s continued ability to outperform expectations — with the added benefit that, this time around, should he unfortunately have to depart again, the risk to the company’s bottom line should be greatly decreased.

I’m curious about what the average Apple consumer thinks about Jobs’ return. For me, apprehension about his leaving quickly gave way to the same sense of excitement and anticipation I’d always held regarding new Apple products and developments. As a result, I now see his return to work as a happy bonus, rather than something that’s necessary for the continued success of the company. Hopefully, he’s well enough to handle future keynotes and events, though, because that’s one area where no one can quite live up to his example. What are your thoughts?

15 Responses to “Steve Jobs Back On the Job”

  1. As we see it from Europe…
    …hmm… but He, also now, give a lots of information for developing in the right way…I mean software…Hardware? – Apple always had some little space for plus, non?…and why not?…
    …will be fine ;)

  2. Rolf Raess

    As we see it from Europe, Steve was always the motor for tremendous innovations – others dream of it only. Remember the time after Scully has thrown him out – what happend – and after Jobs came back…
    I think that he showed now, that without him the company can run successfully – but how long his genius will last?

  3. Nah, it’s not the same Jim. You know us Mac fans are eternally gratefully to Steve Jobs for all he’s brought us and the world. Ya in one sense he must be happen to see all he’s built will continue long after he’s gone to the big iPod in the sky (hopefully decades and decades from now). But ya, as a fan of Steve’s I’m happy he’s (hopefully) out of the woods and can do what he loves best. :-)

  4. I totally agree with you. I was really worried when he left but since then I’ve been really happy with Apple’s decisions thus far. It is reassuring to know that Apple can do great things even without its great leader.