Splashtop Adds Instant-On to Acer, Sony Computers


Acer AspireRevo First Screen

DeviceVM, the folks behind Splashtop, are expanding their instant-on, Linux solution to new brands today. The company just announced deals with Acer and Sony (s sne). The Acer AspireRevo Nettop and the Sony VAIO NW notebook line get the Splashtop treatment, although Acer is calling theirs “RevoBoot.”

By using Splashtop, the devices can boot into a functional work environment complete with Internet access in a browser. It’s similar to the Hyperspace offering from Phoenix, but doesn’t add any additional cost to the consumer. Hyperspace requires a yearly subscription fee, but offers more than a browser, music and photo app: Programs like the ThinkFree Office suite are included, for example.

Splashtop is the solution we’ve seen on the Lenovo S10e netbook prior to this. Although I like the idea of a nearly instant-on solution for smaller devices, I’d like to see Splashtop work with 3G connections instead of just Wi-Fi. When I spoke with the DeviceVM folks in January, they said they were working on it.



My house mate just got one of these Acer revo netops and it’s fast! Very fast! It reboots in two seconds. Try that on your Windows machine.
Plays flash videos right off the bat and my house mate was impressed the most by how fast it is, including surfing using the browser and time to power on (About three seconds from button press until you can click on the web browser. The browser takes about half a second to load.)
He was also impressed by the fact it had a hdmi port.

He’s your average PC user and the point CSMR is trying to make about it confusing users is invalid, as I offered to install XP for my house mate and even Fedora if he wants that instead but his reply was “I probbably won’t need it.”

The Acer Revo Linux with splashtop is on sale at ebuyer :


With free delivery.
I’d recommend it to anyone that wants a netop.


The only laptops I know of that have seamless sleep and wake are Apple.


why not use Android as the splash top? It has tight web integration and has an app store with small useful apps. It already supports 3G technology and it’s open (free to customize).


hi all
i did try and use my sony p instant on,the bootup time vs my xp ( using ssd ) os , is only slight faster only. but is good for vista n other os which need longer time to bootup.

“I’d like to see Splashtop work with 3G connections instead of just Wi-Fi. When I spoke with the DeviceVM folks in January, they said they were working on it.” by JK

refer to above , i have found a update instant on for sony p from japan sony site , is come with wwan beside lan and wlan.
unfortunately , in the wwan setting the apn can not be edited , and fixed for FOMA ( ntt celco tied with vaio in japan ) , even my 3g modem card is unlocked.

jk , anyway to hack or make the APN can be edited to my or your own celco.thank

andy, sg


Completely useless, a distraction and waste of time. Standard OSes have instant resume from sleep and fast resume from hibernate anyway. Computer-literate people will find this useless and non-computer-literate people will just be confused, and energy is taken from making sure the standard set-up is bug-free.

Kevin C. Tofel

Useless for you, perhaps. But if you just need a browser and web connection, why waste device resources on all of the other “stuff” that’s required for the full OS? To me, that’s where the benefit lies, since as you pointed out, modern operating systems can already sleep and resume just as fast. Just a thought…


The small OS is there in addition to the regular OS. That’s the main point. There is no added value of the small OS. The stated advantage, starting quickly, is possible with the regular OS.

Even if the only thing you use is a browser, using a regular OS is no disadvantage. In fact even then there are a lot of advantages of using a regular modern OS (to name a few: good font display, good browsers, adjustable dpi – especially important for the target audience who might have difficulty reading at normal dpi).

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