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How-To: Sync iTunes Playlists With a BlackBerry

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I recently switched from an iPhone (s aapl) to a BlackBerry (s rimm). As I mentioned before, one of my BlackBerry dislikes is that it simply does not sync as nicely as the iPhone. Until recently, I thought I could only drag certain songs onto my BlackBerry and that there was no way to sync playlists. Turns out I was wrong, and the solution is provided by BlackBerry itself.

Below I have outlined how to transfer your iTunes playlists to your BlackBerry. This method also allows you to easily send podcasts to your phone, and the software described even has the “Automatically fill free space” option that was originally seen on the iPod shuffle.

  1. Download and Install BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac
  2. Fire up BlackBerry Media Sync
  3. Select the playlists you would like on your BlackBerry
  4. Click “Sync Device”


25 Responses to “How-To: Sync iTunes Playlists With a BlackBerry”

  1. I’m the IT director for a mid sized company in Canada. I migrated our corporate smart phones to iPhones shortly after they came out with the 3G. It has been, all and all, hassle free and the users love them. But when I have users going abroad, I miss the Blackberry’s low bandwith use. 1 MByte DOES NOT equal 500+ text email on the iphone.

  2. J.Daniels

    Wow Terry, what a condesending tool. I have had both and Bberry is much better for emails. Besides, it sounds to me like you need to be on some IT forrum since you know, you ahem, “work for a very large, very well known” software company.

    In the words of Christian Bale….. “Oh, well good for you!”.

  3. martin johnson

    as a user of both iphone 3g & 3gs i can say that they are both fantastic phones with excellent features & now i have changed to the blackberry bold 9700 simply because of battery drain & i can definately say right from the start that i cant fault its use, yes its not as fun or fantastic as the iphone but the thing is – if you are not next to a wall plug all day & dont work at a desk then your phone will surely suffer heavily after a good 5-6 hours with push actvated where as the bb deals with such in a ‘whatever’ kind of manner!
    on a whole the blackberry is a clear on the move buisiness winner but hands down the iphone has miles more to offer & better connectability & sync possibilities.

  4. Unless you’ve thoroughly used a BlackBerry–and even then, sometimes not until you’ve gone away from BlackBerry to something else–it’s hard to understand. They are a bit “archaic,” but they work, everything makes sense, they are efficient and focused, and email is a marvel. I went from BB for 2 years to Android–back to BB 3 weeks later.

    Anyhow, working on sync options for window for my BB as well (which is how I found this blog).


  5. well i just tried to sync a three song playlist from my macbook, unfortunately the bb sync continually tries to sync my entire library which will not fit on my 8gb card…so took the card out and manually put the songs on the card “annoying”. i am interested in these “other methods” for syncing a bb and itunes that one of you spoke of. is it software? does it exist? help please. also at apple, why don’t you let any device hook up to itunes i mean doesn’t that mean MORE business in the long run?!? seems kinda foolish, its like commiting yourself to at&t for four years, lol.

    • Me too! And sadly, yours and Luis’ are the first I’ve heard of anyone else with the issue (much Googling, searching RIM’s forums, etc). I’ve completely given up on their Mac DM – it simply sits there at 200% CPU usage even when idle.
      For what it’s worth, I haven’t had much luck from doubleTwist (looked promising, but another CPU-eater, and focused on using its own Library rather than iTunes’), or iTuneMyWalkman (yet… still trying to get this to work) either. I’ve also tried/used MarkSpace’ Missing Sync, but that eventually stopped working and I couldn’t fathom paying $40 to upgrade to their v.2 when all I want is to synchronize a playlist or two.

  6. well i have just gone from iphone to bb, and like the lady said its much better thn the i phone i do miss the youch scrnastyeen but for one the iphone battery life was appalling, and why do peole on these forums get so nasty everyone is allowed to pick and choose.
    they only like that that cos they on here and no one can see them, would be dfferent face to face bless em……..

  7. Here’s a quiz for the blog… I’m a devoted Mac head at home (with the requisite iTunes library), but painfully a Windows slave at work, so my Bberry is linked to my Windows world.
    Is it possible to sync my PC slaved work Bberry to my iTunes at home? If so, should I download Media Sync for Mac or Windows?
    Thanks for your input!

  8. I just got the blackberry storm V2 yesterday & Iv been trying too sync my itunes music too it, but with little success. I love apple, & OSX; it’s simply more user friendly. I downloaded the BlackBerry Desktop Manager from the blackberry website (used to sync music from your itunes playlists) but after running the installer and getting all the way too the “install” portion of the installer, I get an “install failed” : The flowing install step failed: run postinstall script for BlackBerrVSP. Contact software man…for ass…” Can anyone help? Or have suggestions ..

  9. Tillman

    Had wanted the ability to sync my BB with Itunes and this app works great. “BK”, no conflicts.

    “Mark” have to agree with you on your post. Looks like some are taking offense to Jenny switching to another platform. I have both BB and IPhone and both have their strengths and weaknesses. ….to each their own.

  10. I pretty sure this BlackBerry software conflicts with iTunes. I’ve tried it in the past and I usually have to do a restore after syncing with the BB app.

  11. Dude, Terry, WTF?

    Kortina made a person decision and chose something that works best for her. The role of an Apple blogger doesn’t limit one’s personal freedom nor does it require that one use solely Apple products.

    It’s enriching to the Apple community to have folks be familiar with other tech. It’s great to see how well and easily OS X can work with BB.

    It’s a blog post about one syncing option, I’m sure there are other methods as well—but this post was only about one of them.

    It’s meaningless how long you’ve been in IT or how many of your colleges and friends love the iPhone. It’s not for everyone, and other people are allowed to have preferences—even if they’re not your own.

    I find it very odd indeed that you’re so defensive about someone not choosing the same toy you did.

  12. BTW there are many ways of syncing Blackberries with Macs and iTunes in particular. The fact you don’t know this as well as just found out about BlackBerry Media Sync is again, odd.

  13. What does handles e-mail much better mean? I’ve used Blackberries from the beginning and now use an iPhone at work and think its better than a BB at e-mail. So do the other IT people I work with who have also had BB or Windows Mobile for years. I’m an Enterprise Architect with 18 years in IT and I work for a very large, very well know technology company.
    I would really like to know because I can’t imagine what you mean.
    Also the work not play comment and BB is the clear choice for work is odd. The iPhone gives me dramatically more options when accessing servers, network devices, maintaining and storing documentation etc. You CAN do those things with a BB but not nearly as well and its a hassle dealing with their ancient UI and small screen.
    Really strange comments coming from an Apple blog especially with no rationale.

    • Daren McDougal

      I have to agree with her about blackberry handeling email better. its instant and its push. Yes Iphone has push with yahoo and But if you use your work email address its not you have to set it send and receive to often and it runs your battery down.

    • I have a Blackberry, but am having problems with my itunes. Many of the songs are protected and can only play on an Ipod or I-touch. I am only able to download half of my playlist to my device, the other half has media licensing issues and is locked out.