FiOS Rewiring Before Home Server-ing

[wpvideo fGUW0kkX w=480 h=270]

I meant to pick up my Windows Home Server experiment where I left off, but I think I need to do some rewiring first. Since the only coaxial cable jack upstairs was in Barb’s office across the house, I’m using my FiOS mainly over Wi-Fi. As a result, I’m not always getting the full benefit of 20 MBps uploads and downloads. Before I tackle my Windows Home Server usage again, I’ve got some hard wiring to do. It doesn’t look too complicated, but it’s a good 70′ run from the basement to my second-floor office. Here’s a walk-through of my next weekend project before I start using my WHS again.

I apologize for the focus issues, but I’m not thrilled with the auto-focus feature when recording video on the Canon T1i: It takes too long, and the motor noise is easily picked up by the internal mic. I’ll definitely work on that in the future with my DSLR. Or perhaps I should just use an iPhone 3G S? I would have, but I know that some of you are clamoring for videos of cows, not cables. ;)


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