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TiVo, Quantcast To Offer Viewing Data Based On TV And Web

Launching cross-platform ad campaigns has become almost a no-brainer. But pinpointing when and where consumers are being exposed to specific ads — not to mention gauging the effectiveness of each platform — is still a relatively complex and ambiguous process. *TiVo* has partnered with Quantcast to help make that easier for advertisers (and to try to sell more of its set-top box data at the same time), with a new product that bundles real-time TV viewing stats with the same users’ online behavior. Clients will be able to access the hybrid data from a sample of 35,000 households when the two companies roll out the product later this summer.

It’s not the first attempt to get more accurate cross-platform data. Nielsen currently offers a number of products aimed at providing a holistic view of consumers’ viewing habits (including its NORA service for VOD and the inclusion of online video stats in its TV ratings), but TiVo/Quantcast claim an advantage in the fact that the new hybrid product bundles stats like clicks and unique visits with set-top box data. In a statement, MAGNA President Elizabeth Herbst-Brady called it a “significant step in understanding the relationship between TV and the Internet for advertisers.” Todd Juenger, TiVo’s VP and GM of audience research and measurement positioned it as a tool for media companies trying to gauge whether streaming video is “cannibalizing” their TV viewership as well.

Faced with slipping subscriber numbers, TiVo (NSDQ: TIVO) has been bulking up its data business: the company recently added access to local real-time viewing stats, and partnered with media research firm TRA to tie its ratings data to in-store purchases about a year ago. Release.