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paidContent’s Quick Hits

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» What the future looks like for *Netflix*, now that mailing things has become passe (and not everyone decided to get an Xbox 360). []

» Good thing Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX) has a backup plan because Redbox has its own plan for DVD dominance. [Yahoo Finance]

» The new owners of the San Diego Union-Tribune are trying to unload some of their new real estate, including a newsroom. [Voice of San Diego]

» HM Capital’s Peter S. Brodsky on making newspaper deals in today’s dreary climate. []

» As the Steve Jobs/liver transplant story showed, Apple’s management has become KGB-level obsessed with guarding company secrets. [NY Times]

» Streaming video from the moon is about as interesting a feed as you’ll get without having to pay for it. [MSNBC]

» EA is taking an unusual approach to folks who downloaded a pirated copy of The Sims 3 — it’s giving them prizes if they buy a legal copy. [IndustryGamers]

» Now that ESPN owns the rights to English and Spanish League soccer, Setanta didn’t feel like it needed to exist anymore. [Digital Spy UK]

» Clear Card, which sold cards that let travelers bypass airport security, has gone bellyup. (A sidenote: turns out Digg founder Kevin Rose bought a card the very day the company folded.) [USA Today]

One Response to “paidContent’s Quick Hits”

  1. Leo Saraceni

    It's my first time, but love the eclectic topic selection.

    BTW, EA's anti-piracy movie is by far the most intelligent approach to fighting .torrents and illegal copies.