myTouch on T-Mobile: “Worth the Wait”

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myTouchWell, well, well. Apparently, somebody’s been holding out on us. We won’t name names (*cough* Om *cough*) but a little birdie told us that there’s a T-Mobile myTouch handset floating around GigaOm Network HQ. What kind of impressions has it left? Mostly good, but some bad. Here’s a few quotes:

  • “The best part I like about this device: its sleek, lightweight design and how unobtrusively it slips into a top shirt pocket.”
  • “The browser is good, but not great like the iPhone browser.”
  • “The most disappointing feature of the device is the 3.2-megapixel camera — it is horrible.”
  • “The device guzzles power faster than a Hummer speeding down the freeway.”

Om saw around seven hours of usage when using the phone for its email, IM and web features. The only question left is: when is it my turn to see it? I’ll have to wait along with everyone else here: the myTouch Android (s GOOG) handset won’t be shipping in the U.S. until July 29th.

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They handed 4000 of them at Google IO a few weeks ago. I can’t believe I have had something that you guys are lusting for.

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