Oh Snap! Verizon’s HTC Ozone to Offer CDMA, GSM and 3G Tethering


Image Credit: Boy Genius Report

Image Credit: Boy Genius Report

Did anyone else expect to see the alleged versatility of the HTC Ozone? I sure didn’t. The Ozone is an HTC Snap variant that’s apparently hitting Verizon Wireless (s VZ) within the next 2-4 weeks. Not only is a CDMA version of the 3G-totin’ Snap, but some internal docs that surfaced on BGR show plenty more to like.

Based on the docs, the Ozone will be a “world phone,” meaning that it works on the U.S. CDMA/EVDO Rev. A standards, but also works with GSM, GPRS and EDGE. Making the Windows Mobile 6.1 (s MSFT) handset even more appealing, at least to me, is the Modem Link option shown on the docs. That adds a whole new layer to the Ozone by using the phone as a 3G USB or Bluetooth modem. I suspect that feature will cost extra, but I wouldn’t expect it to be more than $30 a month. And unlike many other Verizon handsets of the past, GPS should be enabled and 802.11b/g Wi-Fi is included. Unfortunately, like other HTC Snap handhelds, you lose the trackball function. It looks like Verizon wanted a custom directional pad instead.

In my mind, this is exactly the type of package Verizon needs to offer in a handset. Too often, features are disabled or missing. And hot phones that hit other carriers often don’t appear on Verizon’s network until months and months go by. Looks like the Ozone is snapping them into a more competitive mode.


Subrata Paul

Pls Send me details and price of HTC CDMA+GSM latest handsets and their price. also availibility at kolkata. urgently


Looks like the bastard child of the Moto Q and a Blackberry with the added downside of Windows Mobile. Verizon must be desperate.


Hmm… sounds great on the surface, but if their gimped spec phones are sold at a premium, you can sure almost bet this one will be too.


This sounds like great features, similar to the BB Storm. The Storm also is World phone with, pretty much except that the Ozone has WiFi which is nice for Skype out. That’s if they don’t block it.

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