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Get Under the Hood of Firefox 3.5 RC With Mozilla Hacks

If you’re using the new Release Candidate of Firefox 3.5, and many of us are, it’s worth looking into the posts at the Mozilla Hacks site to get to know how some of the most powerful new features in the browser work. There are more than 5,000 new features in the new version, as detailed in the Release Notes. Here are some of the more compelling tutorials and videos to look into at Mozilla Hacks.

In Firefox 3, there was support for color profiles in tagged images, but it was disabled by default. Christopher Blizzard has a good post up on the support for color correction for tagged images found in Firefox 3.5. He compares images rendered by Firefox 3, Firefox 3.5 and Photoshop (s adbe).

Firefox 3.5 has support for web fonts (check out this video of Opera CTO Håkon Wium Lie demonstrating web fonts to Aliza), and you can find a good demonstration of how to use them and some of the new CSS features in the browser here.

One of the biggest new additions in Firefox 3.5 is the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine, which can really speed up many web applications. Here, you can find a good video demonstration of what TraceMonkey brings to the table, comparing Firefox 3.5 to Firefox 3.

There are new geolocation features built into Firefox 3.5, and you can find a good discussion of how to work with them here. Some users don’t want the geolocation features enabled for privacy reasons. If you want to disable them, Lifehacker has a good description of how to do so here.

Especially if you’re a web developer using Firefox 3.5, it’s a good idea to keep up with the posts at Mozilla Hacks on how to use the many new features. The folks posting the demos are from Mozilla, and the information runs pretty deep, so it should help you get the very best out of your new browser.

Have you switched to Firefox 3.5 RC? If so, what new features do you find yourself excited about or using most?