Daily Sprout

Uncle Sam vs. Venture Capital Want to get funding from the federal government? Keep in mind that its objectives are different from those of venture capitalists, and explaining how your project meets political goals is just as important as highlighting technological advances and financial security. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Say What? Chevy Volt “Under Budget”: GM global product chief John Lauckner says the planned plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt, which GM expects to be a money-loser for at least the first generation of the model, is somehow “under-budget.” — GM-Volt via Truth About Cars

Greenwash Run Amok: As law makers mull new rules for green marketing, a new study of 4,000 consumer products sold in supermarkets finds 98 percent of consumer products featuring “green” labels make false or misleading claims. — Mother Jones’ Blue Marble

Fife Seeks Funds for Secret Battery Material: Scotland-based Fife Batteries wants to license its new, low-cost lithium-ion batteries starting in 2013, but it needs to close a £5 million round of funding to finalize the design, and a subsequent £20 million investment to build a pilot cell manufacturing and battery assembly plant. — Cleantech Group

Cap and Trade Number Crunching: The Congressional Budget Office estimates the net annual economy-wide cost of proposed climate legislation will be $22 billion in 2020, and the nation’s lowest-income households will gain financially under the proposal. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital


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