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Steve Jobs Had Liver Transplant; Cook Will Continue To Have Wider Role

image Steve Jobs was treated two months ago in a Tennessee hospital for a liver transplant, the WSJ reports, citing an unidentified source, who added that the Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) CEO will work only part time for the next month or two. So, though Jobs is on schedule to return to work this month as promised, his shortened work days will mean COO Tim Cook, who has served as the company head for the past six months, will continue to have a wider role. Cook is also expected to be named to Apple’s board shortly as well.

Just before Jobs’ medical leave was announced in January, Apple explained his rail thin appearance as the result of a mere hormone imbalance. But at the time, many speculated that the pancreatic cancer that had been in remission for four years had returned. No matter the mystery of Jobs’ ailment, it’s not too cynical to question the timing of this leak, coming on the same day that the latest iPhone hits store shelves.

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